Design And Installation:
We design and install control systems for the water
and wastewater industry in accordance with the
NEC and EMI codes for minor applications.
We use the latest computer aid design tools
including ADS, P-Spice, Mat-Lab.
We offer the best solution to integrate the older
systems with newer and standard replacement parts
with our Replacement Parts Matching Service.
Troubleshooting Repairs &
Solving electrical/electronics problems in the
water and wastewater industry since 1979 with
the most outstanding performance confirmed by
most cities in Broward, Dade , and Palm Beach
countys in Florida, US.
Calibration Certifications:
Performed with the best calibration equipment and
the latest technology used in accordance with the
NIST guidelines to conform to
Sales and Parts Matching:
An exclusive service by Delta Control Engineering
that saves time and money. We research and match
the best possible replacement part for systems that
are no longer available or difficult to obtain.
We offer the best possible choice of equipment
based on the application, budget, and general
requirements for the best price.
Control Systems Programming:
As part of the calibration of flow and pressure
meters we extend and analyze the process variables
to tune up PID  loop controllers, PH, Turbidimeter,
Temperature, Chlorine and other analyzers to
maximum sensitivity and peak performance.
Reverse Osmosis Systems:
Keeping your parameters right on target for
optimal results.